Explaining the 3T Career Institute Approach

The Three T, or Three Tiered System is an entire education apparatus that ensures each student gets conventional and customized training for the highest chance at success with each of the Tiers reinforcing the other.

Tier One Classroom

Classroom modules that allow each student to move through the course at their own pace. Although a pace is set out for them, they are by no means beholden to it and have access to the material as needed.

Tier Two Coaching Calls

These calls give students in small groups time to speak with a Subject Matter Expert or “Coach” in their certification of choice. These Coaches have years of experience in the certification program they teach and eagerly answer questions and are available for one on one calls and emails.

Tier Three Community

Each student has a community of like-minded students at their fingertips who they can interact with. This community is there for students to talk about ideas, study hints, schedule in-person study sessions if they so choose. But, it also reminds students they are not alone and instead have an entire community of students and coaches who are right alongside them

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