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When criticism hits a cord, reach inside.

Mar 16, 2022
When criticism hits a cord, reach inside.
"Sit straight, fix your posture, cross your legs; your tone is too harsh. Act like a lady. Fix your attitude. Be firm, don't smile too much, act strong, be confident, wear a suit, don't show your figure, you are too emotional, accept things as they are."
We have an abundance of critics around us. At times our critics turn into bullies. Their negative words like taggers puncture holes in our hearts and minds leaving scars that never heal.
Yet, we see women who have overcome their prominent critics and bullies and succeeded as powerhouses shaking the world to the core.
What sets these women apart from the common us? How did they strive to take the taggers and turn them into weapons against their harshest critics?
The answer lies within us; we have to consciously trust ourselves, knowing that criticism and bullying are part of life, and to succeed, one must tune out and build a protective shield.
Take the criticism to fuel you, carrying you forward, knowing that our actions are the ONLY response a critic deserves. Lift the heavy words and throw them out into the ocean, removing all obstacles from your path, and carry on to your actual destination—a destination of greatness, one that you shine the brightest for your critics.
Happy Women's History Month, we honor the women who have paved the way using criticism to fuel their souls to achieve greatness!