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What is a Project Status Slide? (Template Included)

project management Aug 23, 2023

A Project Status slide is a simple yet effective communication tool that helps bridge the knowledge gap between the project work accomplished and your stakeholders' awareness of the project status.

An organization should have bi-weekly project status meetings to stay on top of significant issues and decision points. These meetings would allow all project managers to come to the table and present their project slides. Each project presentation should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes. Having a project status slide for every project you manage is essential.

Here are the steps to creating the best Project Status Slides:

  1. Create an Excel sheet of all the data points that you want to gather for each one of your projects
    1. Project Data columns can be
      1. Summary of Current Project Status
      2. Upcoming Milestones
      3. Completed Milestones
      4. Overall Project Issues
      5. Overall Project Risks
      6. Decisions to be escalated
    2. Create an individual tab with (date/name) within your Excel sheet for each project to avoid cross-contamination of project data.
    3. Verify each data point with your team and provide your leadership with information you can back up.
    4. Enter the information from the Excel sheet created earlier and add the information to your slide.
    5. If you are asked a question that you do not have the answer to, say so and let your key stakeholders know that you will get back to them with a response within one business day.
    6. Keep your Project Status reporting simple, effective, and to the point.

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