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Filter into -> Success

Aug 24, 2021
Filter into -> Success
I have a lot of fun with social media filters; you cannot go wrong between the long lashes and the cute glasses.
Filtering isn't anything new to us. Social Media has just put a new spin on it.
We filter our personalities with our families, work, and #colleagues; they are a necessary part of life.
The key to career success is to know when to use filters to our advantage. You might call this being fake, but I call it #political #awareness.
"Political awareness is the ability to understand different people's hidden agendas and use this knowledge to your advantage. "
In his book, "Empowering Yourself," Harvey Coleman asserts that how well you do in your job has little to do with how well you will do in your career.
According to Coleman, factors #influencing your Success are 10% performance, 30% image, and 60% exposure (Who knows about what you do).
Now that we have the facts from the #experts, here are a few great tips to filtering your way to Success
#Detective Filter: Understand the players in the game (Get to know your manager and their manager). A friendly hello and quick intro can get you a long way.
Pay Attention Filter: Listen more, talk less, pay attention to the environment, and get a footing of the corporate culture.
#Friendly Filter: Be interested in what your colleagues are working on and have a genuine conversation with them.
Show Off Filter: Never miss an opportunity to attend corporate events, #happy hours, talk about yourself, the work that you do, and the incredible impact it is making. ūüôā
Now that we have our #professional #filters down take a picture with a filter from your camera and post it in the comments section.
Happy Tuesday!
With love and Authenticity,
Mahjooba (MJ)