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Feeling like an outsider?

career success Aug 10, 2021
Feeling like an outsider?
Every person I meet, I make it a point to make them feel like they belong right where they are.
I am someone who walks up to a person in networking events, standing by themselves too shy to mingle with a group.
I make it a point to sit right next to a person at a table alone staring into their phones, and I start a conversation. " Hi, I am MJ" 🙂
I am the person that pulls the "outsider" into my group and introduces them to everyone.
Why do I make it a point to “see” people?
Because feeling like an outsider is a shitty feeling, I’ve been there, and I don’t want anyone to feel the way I have been made to feel.
The worse part is that this happens a lot in our corporate environments. We have clicks of co-workers who take lunches together and make happy hour plans leaving the “outsider” to wonder why they weren’t invited.
Do you feel me?
To be honest, I think “outsiders” are pretty amazing people. Most have characteristics that I absolutely adore.
☀️A unique name that tells me their heritage and culture
☀️A world traveler that has seen the world in all its essence
☀️Someone who feels the energies of others and knows how to respect and appreciate the uniqueness in each person.
Make it a point to say hello to someone standing alone, introduce yourself, bring the outsider into your world. You never know; you might find a lifelong friend, your next position, a future celebrity, or a compassionate listener.
If you are an “outsider,” you are brave for showing up, knowing that others may not see you. Continue to stand alone until there is someone worth standing besides!!!
With Love and Authenticity,