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Confidence is a Muscle

career confidence success Jul 20, 2021
No one is f’ing born with confidence. It’s a muscle you build daily and with every single breath.
Oh, and confidence has nothing to do with how beautiful you were born. The most gorgeous people have the most significant confidence issues.
You might be thinking, well, MJ, how do I become confident?
#1 - think about that one pain point that you feel sets you apart from everyone else (that you may hate about you). That is where you’ll find your confidence. Crazy!!! But true. ✅✅✅✅
#2 - accept that “pain point” as is, and give it love 💛
#3 - Enhance yourself, whether that’s going to the gym or getting fake lashes. DO IT if it makes you feel good!!! 🙌🏼
I dress up every morning, do my hair, wear makeup, wear clothes that make my body look good. Dressing up increases my confidence to kickbutt and talk to CEOs and executives to network, all while helping people achieve their goals.
So, no, we aren’t born with confidence. That’s BS. Drink water, exercise (increase those happy hormones), wear your best clothes, love yourself, love your body, accept yourself, and you’ll vibrate with confidence✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨